The project is implemented to serve orphaned and vulnerable populations through Community Care Centres and Half Way Houses. Orphaned and Vulnerable Children are transported from schools, crèches etc., to the respective Community Care Centres and Half Way Houses for educational intervention and feeding. The project covers the following respective elements:

• Two ‘Hot Meals’ a Day;
• Early Childhood Education/Development via After Care Program;
• Awareness programs geared towards developing and teaching orphans as well as vulnerable children the importance of healthy living, the effects of HIV/AIDS and other health related issues;
• Develop creative and innovative thinking in children by using a non-threatening method of drawing, art, drama and dance
• Encourage children to share in open dialogue where they are able to share their personal experiences via drama and debate sessions;
• Revive and re-instil basic family and moral values;
• Those children, who are not necessarily orphaned but hail from dysfunctional families, are encouraged to partake in role plays where the importance of family structures, role of parents/child and other moral values are enhanced

In relation to the HIV/AIDS Program the following Community Awareness activities are implemented:

• HIV and AIDS Support Group- This program encourages health and dignity among all people particularly those infected with HIV.
• Home Based Care- Providing Holistic care to all community members in need of health care.
• Voluntary Counselling and Testing – Currently we are providing this service once a year due to limited resources and it runs successfully. It promotes community health through education and reduction of stigma associated with HIV and AIDS.
• Church Indaba-We also hold Church Indaba with local Church Ministers to empower them with health education to enable them to start some health activities in the Churches.
• Community Health Awareness - We also hold HIV and AIDS awareness campaigns where we invite all local congregations to participate in the campaign.
• Prevention of mother to child transmission- a new project focusing on the well-being of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, labour and delivery.
• Youth Program- This program provides life skills and encourages youth to be self-reliant. Love Life is working on this program through us as the franchise. We have also established a strong relationship with the Department of Arts and Culture to start cultural activities with local youth.
• Soup Kitchen Program – 800 direct and indirect families are supported by the project with two (2) meals per day six (6) times a week. Most of these families are HIV infected and are on Antiretroviral (ARV’s).